What the hell is a Qanon believer? That doesn’t even make any sense 🤣

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  1. rushendell

    It’s fear. This induced coma has left many in fear. Even if most do connect the dots and think for themselves many won’t act on it out of fear. To accelerate the reversal of mockingbird and make people act we need one of those highly anticipated BOOMS 💥 💥

  2. thejachal

    Part of this whole last year being such a tragedy is to watch so called “educated” people being order followers that live to obey and virtue signal.

  3. marissaracciatti

    because fake news network won’t repetitively play the truth over and over again… people won’t see it.

  4. usfreedomkeeper

    The Covidiots are not going to change their minds. The mask and jabs worshipping is too powerful for them.

  5. tx88k

    I am not part of anything and I don’t have time to go through drops or whatever they are called. I do however follow several of you (and telegram now) closely. Andy Ngo first started opening my eyes. Then I read an article while in the Bahamas in Jan 2020. It’s a separate country with different networks. The article I read (and showed my husband) from some random country’s media stated detailed information about the DoD saying Rona came from the lab and was man-made. Never found that article again. Then my cousin turned me on to you guys. The lies from summer2020Riots sealed it all up for me. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you and many more do for us. You will never know the full appreciation many normies have for you. I’m also doing my part to share info, albeit slowly.

  6. benderfender1969

    The medical field is a joke it’s a bunch of uneducated white coats that only know what the industry lets them know and that industry was started by The Rockefellers by Banning holistic medicine for petroleum-based medicine and pills.

  7. benderfender1969

    Not one medical professional has even looked at blood under a microscope to see that little fucking spiked ball called covid is even there. None of them have thought to even do a full-on autopsy of a body that died of supposed covid related symptoms to even see if it was in their body this is the biggest hoax in history. I’m ashamed that I know several people in the medical industry and all of them are chicken shitz that won’t stand up to the system they believe everything they’re told which makes them the dumbest people that I know. Furthermore Q has been hinting for a long time for people to start fighting back for all we know there’s three people in the basement calling themselves Q but if that’s all it takes to get people to get out of their house and start dragging the bad people out of their house then ship better start to happen or else we’re just going to keep fucking texting each other on Instagram. Hold on let me go and check some new post see if it happened yet? Nope maybe I’ll check in an hour and my phone will let me know when everything’s okay

  8. hjs7722

    If they haven’t connected the dots by now I think they need to go back to pre-school to learn this easy technique! 🤪🤷🏻‍♀️

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