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Introduction to Hunter Biden Loan Agreement: The signing date of the Loan Agreement was July 10, 2017; the lender: Li Xiangsheng, a Hong Kong resident, Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Bohai Huamei) The controller is behind the CCP; Borrower 1: Hunter Biden, an American, whose father is Joe Biden, who was the Vice President of the United States, Borrower 2: Eric D. Schwerin, United States Resident; loan amount: RMB 1012896; loan purpose: used to purchase 10% equity of Bohai Huamei. The loan agreement also stipulates other terms such as the method of repayment, interest on repayment, date of repayment, rights and obligations of both parties, and terms of breach of contract.

At first glance, this is an ordinary loan agreement, the amount is small and there is nothing special about it, but a careful taste can reveal the clues. First of all, the signing date of the two parties is July 10, 2017, and Bohai Huamei was established on December 16, 2013. At the beginning of the establishment of Bohai Huamei, Hunter Biden already owned 10% of the equity, but why is it two The two parties signed the loan agreement after a year and a half? This involves the purpose of the establishment of Bohai Huamei-Blue Golden. Through Bohai Huamei (of course there are many such companies in the CCP), it will make political contributions to political figures in the world, especially the United States. In 2013, Joe Biden was the vice president of the United States at the time. He had considerable influence in American politics. His position was prominent for a time, and he naturally became a hunting target of the CCP (in fact, it started earlier). By gifting Hunter Biden Bohai Huamei 10% of the shares (shares that do not need to pay) to the Biden family’s interests, it is a naked bribery, and if it is exposed, there will be jail time. This loan agreement came into being. The two parties signed this agreement on July 10, 2017, which filled up legal loopholes and circumvented legal sanctions. This is the background and core of the loan agreement!

Secondly, the so-called loans agreed in the loan agreement need not be repaid at all. It can be seen from the description of Article 5 of the Loan Agreement “Loan Period”: the initial maturity date is 365 days after signing, but it can be extended to a later date when the parties may have another written agreement, that is, the “extended maturity date” “. That is to say, as long as the two parties sign a written agreement, the repayment date can be extended indefinitely, or the CCP will proactively extend the loan period with ulterior motives (the reason will be explained later). If the lender voluntarily proposes to extend the repayment date, the borrower’s success Why not Te Biden? According to conservative estimates, Hunter Biden’s equity in Bohai Huamei is expected to be at least US$50 million. From zero to 50 million, it is especially short of a profit! Bohai Huamei Equity Investment Fund Management Company, its main business is to invest in equity, holding or participating in other companies. It is the root company and parent company. The total assets of the companies that it holds and participates in are as high as several trillion US dollars. Of course, companies like Bohai Huamei There are still several companies in its hands, and the CCP has corrupted the world and U.S. politicians with the help of the Chinese people’s popular anointing. Hunter Biden supports dozens of people in the Biden family by himself. With such a playboy, do you believe he has this ability? If his father were not the vice president of the United States, would the CCP give him tens of millions of dollars? It is precisely because the Biden family received huge political donations that Joe Biden turned from a hawk to a moderate, helping the CCP steal American technology, betray the interests of the American people, and endanger the national security of the United States. The CCP’s assessment of drinking the blood of the Chinese and harming and controlling Americans on the other is just right.

In addition, the loan agreement has hidden traps and alarming steps, which fully embodies the insidious and suspicious nature of the CCP. Article 10 of the loan agreement “the borrower’s commitment”: not to sell, transfer, pledge, hinder or otherwise dispose of any equity. This article indicates that the borrower can only enjoy the “dividend” income brought by the equity, and cannot use the equity for any other purposes. This is quite different from the rights of normal equity owners. The purpose is to let the Biden family bow their heads to their ears, serve and endorse the CCP. Article 11 of the loan agreement provides for the determination of “events of default” as follows: “The borrower is insolvent or bankrupt, or is presumed or considered to be unable to repay the due debt”. Please note that “presumed or considered to be unable “Repaying the debts that are due” is the key point. As long as Joe Biden loses its utilization value, the CCP can use this to confiscate equity. Remember the “extended maturity date” described in the “borrowing period”? The CCP deliberately indefinitely “extended the maturity date”. Once needed, the borrower will be kicked out without hesitation. In the general election, Joe Biden is likely to face such an outcome if he loses the election. The CCP’s sinister, cunning, evil, and greedy nature is clearly visible. In addition, Article 11 also stipulates the determination of “events of default”: “The borrower is no longer wholly owned and controlled by Mr. Hunter Biden and/or Mr. Eric D. Schwerin”, again Explains that the CCP’s on-demand kicking of people can remove borrowers at any time when they think it’s necessary, thus pinching the eggs of Joe Biden and others.

In summary, in order to achieve the goal of ruling and enslaving the world, and in order to achieve the 3F plan to weaken the United States, mess up the United States, and kill the United States, the CCP has carried out a large-scale blue gold on unscrupulous American politicians and their families. The Biden family is just the tip of the iceberg. , With the disclosure of three hard drives, there will be a bigger crocodile surfaced. The evil of the CCP is embodied in that it not only uses you, but is also ready to abandon you, kill you, and do things that are treachery, downfall, and ungrateful. The CCP is even more familiar. The breaking news revolution led by Mr. Wengui has swept the world and has awakened the American people. The American people must unite, just as the American hero Mr. Giuliani said, pick up the ballots in your hands and drive the trash out of the White House!

The ultimate battle has begun. The ultimate battle between justice and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehood, good and evil, Tao and demons, gods and ghosts, Buddha and Porzun has begun! Compatriots and comrades-in-arms, Mr. Wengui’s rallying call has been sounded. For justice, for faith, for mankind, for free souls, for future generations, and for ourselves, we must take up arms and fight! Our retweets, our articles, our GTV, and our GNEWS are lightning bolts that cut through the night! All evil will turn into flying smoke in the face of the breaking news revolution and the righteous forces of the world like a piece of snow facing an oven!

The Communist Party is over!

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