What you have to say about me says more about you 🐸 ☕️

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  1. wildflower17_

    Legit just talked to my 6 year old son on the way hood from daycare. He has a beta in his class (you can already tell) that told him his American flag shirt and monster truck blanket were racist. My son told me that he told him it’s American. And asked him if that was racist and he didn’t respond 😂. Feeling proud as a parent today. This lesson you posted needs to be instilled early in our kiddos to give them a fighting chance!

  2. chrisann144

    People project so much negative shit I legit just said to my son the longer I’m sober the more I can’t stand people

  3. disciplined_soul

    Dang Kang you so wise you teach me a lot thank you! 💪🏽🙏🏽

  4. zezemonkey

    I love everyone fuck everyone that treats someone like shit because they look different

  5. kirby8213

    It’s amazing that I relate to everything you say! You are definitely a star seed or old soul or whatever term fits! You are It!

  6. heroxbishop

    There perception of me is a reflection of themselves.

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What you have to say about me says more about you