While America sleeps…

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  1. wrenald

    We don’t have vaccine passports.

  2. kushh_7


  3. morning_citadel_news

    When the time comes we will rise. I live in a blue state and I am FULLY free rn. anything goes back, I 100% resist it all and protest. No more complacency.

  4. east_sv1

    Ahhhh they’re starting to catch on. If you don’t travel or shop for one week they will be done with mandates

  5. gingermills53

    Praise our Heavenly Father πŸ™

  6. paulgcaseyjr


  7. randy_phillips_69

    Deep state about to drop a nuke or some shit

  8. m4rebear


  9. cloudmoodzz

    Wow! Good for them! Unlike gutless lazy Americans

  10. thetruesonoffirev3

    Make no mistake though, we are the sleeping giant. Just ask Japan

  11. dog_mom1919

    Americans are extremely brainwashed and self absorbed unfortunately. It’s up to us awaken people to stand up and unite for ourselves.

  12. christinecoppola64

    Proud to be italian right now .❀️

  13. blondissima1

    Let it be a lesson to us,This show of rebellion should’ve happened a long time ago in Italy…we are right behind them in the timeline

  14. bobmacock69

    We are all one being manipulated by power hungry tyrants once we realize how we’re being torn apart we’ll be a force those in control will never stand a chance against

  15. struggle_memess

    Canada and the United States must UNITE as oneπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  16. ashleyrbergren

    What happened to our strength? I feel like too many Americans are just blindly following along. Will we ever get sick of this shit to do something like that?

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