Who is caa

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  1. lovelindsaymariee

    It’s what pretty much anyone in the industry is a part of

  2. mal.1083

    Joe and Jill Biden are both represented by CAA!! Look up CAA’s talent wiki page under politicians. 👀

  3. roorshak_

    Ah yes, I used to work for their kids division in century city. Know them all too well

  4. roorshak_

    I’m worried her new fiance/long time BF is up to no good as well

  5. themammabia

    They’re all the same CAA WME UTA ICM ….

  6. missbarbaraadler

    I was w CAA for acting modeling. Its a talent agency representing models , athletes, musicians, actors , some politicians 😂. Not when i was repped by them

  7. boobadoosmom

    Creative Artists Agency. Alyssa Milano is married to one of their agents.

  8. katethecake

    Isnt Reese Witherspoon’s husband a CAA agent? 🤔

  9. marissamaew19

    Alice in wonderland you say👀👀👀👀

  10. heavenzdevil.522

    Third slide looks like a body double ,who is older and more wrinkly

  11. chris.graffeo

    Rose McGowan talks about CCA in that video she posted

  12. solidnitro

    CAA = CIA in case people were wondering

  13. loveandlight_lisachiara

    Alyssa Milano’s husband is someone big in CAA. It’s no better fir her.

  14. alijanmort

    Look at the arial view of the CAA bldg. satanic. Illum. Read up on Alyssa and her husband…

  15. maryannciambriello

    Then why is Brittany going back to this? I thought she was 20 steps ahead now. Why take Steps back and sign with them?

  16. debbieraia22

    Look at the dates kids. It was 2013.

  17. spewingtruthandfacts2.0

    Oh silly me I thought it was for CAA like AAA in the USA lmao. Duh me!

  18. 1970mws

    Soooo she went right back in to the dirty

  19. drewmirizzi

    Oh wow!!! Good find!! Explains a lot right there!!

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