Who is Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the reported nominee Trump is moving forward to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court?

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  1. scottdossey

    The big question is how Catholic is she? The pope just spoke out against owning guns and if she worships the pope like many Catholics do this could affect her 2A policies.

  2. daniel_gee626

    Had me at gun rights 💪🏽🇺🇸

  3. texan_perspectives

    🇺🇸 I was adopted as a child and feel certain, I am only part of this world today, because an abortion in Texas when I was born was not easy to obtain. That being said, I certainly am not pro-abortion. Abortion, because it is not listed, mentioned, defined, or otherwise addressed in the US Constitution, because of Amendment X, of our Bill of Rights, abortion is a States Right’s Issue and the US Federal Government should have about zero say on the matter. Go read that document, our federal government is so far from what was envisioned it is scary! 👀 🇺🇸 #texan_perspectives 🤠

  4. ehl6879

    🇺🇸🙌bless you🙌🍃and family👏

  5. anontelope

    Let’s flip that lie!
    Obamacare is METERED
    If you have Preexisting conditions you have to
    1 meet your deductible to get a cent & you must pay FULL PRICE Not the cash price
    2 insurance can METER your care Ie DELAY IT AGAINST NORMAL MEDICAL PRACTICES & if you die or Permanent health damage like I have from Obamacare & shoulder surgery delays- you can NOT SUE THE INSURANCE CORP
    That oligarchic care not healthcare
    3 Obamacare = 120%+ higher premiums & 400%+ higher stock values for insurance Corps since it was passed
    Stay Armed w Knowledge

  6. cubensist

    Hey statist cuck. I sent you the link to the dissent written by authoritarian Amy Coney Barret in the Republican Party of Illinois v. J.B pritzker governor case(No.20-2175). In which she outlined the “value of vaccinations” and explained how the Jacobson v. Massachusetts ruling that permitted mandatory vaccination in a health crisis, took any general challenge of JB Pritzkers Executive orders off the the table. You can continue to deceive your followers if that is your prerogative.

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