Who is Rachel Chandler?

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Who is Rachel Chandler?

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Is-Rael Landes – 3/24/2019 – 4 min. Read


Qanon and Q decoders have alleged in recent drops that Rachel Chandler [RC] may be “one of many” connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

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Two anonymous individuals made last-minute litigation to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals (in New York) in efforts to have information redacted from the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

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Just before the court’s deadline, both unnamed individuals objected to the lower court’s ruling of unsealing documents from the case. They then proceeded to file an appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals for reconsideration.


Over 300 women and girls have come forward with testimony against John of God. Other testimonies claim conspiracy, illegal weapon sales, and  money laundering. “Then, public claims of prostitution rings and human trafficking.”

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