Who's Responsible for CA Wildfires 11/23/18

by Is-Rael Landes 11/23/18

Do you believe in coincidences?

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PG&E gas and electric company claimed responsible for 16 CA wildfires in 2018.a

  • Over 10 billion in damage
  • Company makes over 1 billion in profits for the Rothschild investment group


For those unaware, the Rothschild family is the embodiment of the top 1% not just in America but the entire world. They’re family’s wealth and roots can be traced back too 19th century. Recent news has exposed how the Rothschild’s have funded both sides during some of the major wars. Treating the winners and losers as collateral in a giant gambling game, amounting to more wealth for their lineage and dating back to the Napoleonic era. Long story short this family controls state governments using money, and one of it’s companies is responsible for the fires in CA this past year of 2018.


  • PG&E claims fires will continue and grow larger each season back in June of 2018.
  • PG&E warned investors of future bankruptcy
  • PG&E officials in June 2018 warned CA state officials to gain protection for coming fire season
  • Aug. 31st CA State legislature passed utility bail out bill, protecting PG&E, and Rothschild investment group

CA Wildfires began again on Nov. 8th 2018

Strange images of aftermath raise awareness for foul play?

Confirmed: U.S. government has microwave laser weapon capable of causing combustion on designated target. (see )

Some anomalies of this fire include:

  • Aluminum alloy cars melted by “fire” (Forest fires burn at around 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum Alloys met at 1200-2000 degrees Fahrenheit)?
  • Cars not near fires burned? Some had been flipped over?
  • Houses on fire leveled within 12 hours?
  • Oct. 31st over 5,600 homes destroyed by fires


See United Nations Agenda 21

States: Designated areas in CA that are off limits to human occupation.

  • All CA fires occurring in Agenda 21 designated areas of current human occupation?
  • Insurance policies, and regulations are denying homeowners from rebuilding fire damages?
  • Previous Gov. Jerry Brown blamed fires on Global Warming? (disregarding all this evidence?)
  • CA residents are paying for these damages?

Hit the link to watch full video: Start at 5:30 UN Agenda 21

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