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Recently there has been much publication in the main media about vaccines and their effectiveness, as well as the hope of government officials in many countries with the intention of achieving a mass vaccination to create group immunity in order to suppress the pandemic.

In a recent War Room Pandemic live interview, Peter Navarro said: “Let’s remember when Wuhan’s emergency lockdown was announced on January 26 last year, all flights and trains to Beijing and Shanghai were banned. But they let all planes from Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai fly to the rest of the world normally. The whole thing was totally abnormal because the pandemic was initially asymptomatic, and did not have the same characteristics of SARS, that those Chinese citizens flew around the world without any symptoms at first, and by the time they realized it, it was too late.

He also openly expressed his opinion that “herd immunity” through vaccination implies that, at a certain point, the majority of people vaccinated or infected with the virus would develop auto-immunity, which would prevent the virus from spreading further. .

He goes on to say: However, the mutation of the virus counteracts the effect of the “herd immunity”, since if the virus mutates, the vaccine becomes ineffective and people who have developed the auto-immunity of the virus can be infected again. by the mutated virus, since auto-immunity is ineffective against the mutated virus, therefore, the whole world continues to face unknown dangers. That is why I keep thinking that COVID19 is a “CCP virus” that could be a biological weapon and that is why the CCP must be investigated, that is why it is necessary to get to the bottom of what they have done and if they have made “profit of function ”to deliberately create mutant viruses, and find out how many mutant virus strains exist. If these questions are not answered, there will never be an effective vaccine.

It is now proven once again that Dr. Yan was the first person in the world to say that herd immunity is ineffective when she said in her first interview with Fox News on July 10, 2020, “Do not trust the immunity of herd to suppress the outbreak because it is a completely different virus. ” She said.

We see again a report on the Spanish population vaccinated until February 20, 2021: 930 people died in Spanish nursing homes and 2,747 people were infected after receiving the first or second dose of forced vaccination, and probably until today more cases will continue to emerge. What is even more outrageous is that the judge continues to force the elderly to get vaccinated even if their families are against it, and we, like their children and grandchildren, cannot do anything to protect them. We have no choice but to think about the vested interests of officials and political pressure. We feel very indignant and we have to raise our voices to say NO !!!

Dr. Yan is right: the SARS-COV-2 (COVID19) virus is not only a “bioweapon”, it is an “unrestricted bioweapon” of the Chinese Communist Party! As understood, this is related to the highly ranked project # 973 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with carefully planned steps over many years. Therefore, vaccination is useless and, on the contrary, represents a potential threat to public health itself. We dare not imagine the damage and impact of a viral pandemic like this one that goes far beyond a normal biological weapon.

Reference: https://twitter.com/xi_GLB/status/1366919017961725955


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