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The governors of 45 of 50 states followed the science and rejected the absurd, science-denying idea of sending sick COVID patients into the most vulnerable population. However, the governors of five states (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and California) foolishly and recklessly rejected science-based germ theory and had their respective health secretaries issue guidance to send the sick back into long-term care facilities.

For Pennsylvania, this catastrophic decision was made before many of the other states. On March 18, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine issued the now infamous directive to long-term care facilities to accept COVID positive residents after release from hospitals.

It is tragically ironic that the same folks who espouse the mantra of “believe in science” completely ignored their own platitude. The data was clear before the March 18 directive that individuals over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions were at the greatest risk of severe illness and death. The Wolf Administration was aware of this and still made the disastrous decision.

The ensuing fallout from the March 18 directive was predictable. The admission of COVID-positive residents into nursing homes accelerated the transmission of the virus and exposed our state’s most vulnerable residents to severe illness and death. By May, cases of the virus in nursing homes spread like wildfire. Roughly two-thirds of COVID deaths at the time were residents of long-term care facilities. In several counties, 100% of all COVID deaths were in these very facilities.

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  1. kagbabe

    Privately, Secretary Levine realized the failure of the policy six weeks after the fateful decision. At that time, 70% of all deaths in Pennsylvania were as a result of Levine’s science-denying directive. Fearing for the safety of her own mom (then 95 years old and in an elder home), Levine whisked her out of the facility and into the safety of a hotel suite.

    Instead of having the moral fortitude to alert Pennsylvania of the danger that resulted from this failed policy, Levine never gave the citizens of our state the same chance or warning to protect their own loved ones. Incidentally, the world learned of Levine’s sinister behavior the day after I demanded her resignation for incompetence and gross negligence in May 2020.

    The people of our state found themselves cut off from their loved ones due to Levine’s fateful decision to send the sick into nursing homes. Families were denied access to their parents. Reports of neglect, hopelessness and despair were reported as thousands upon thousands were left to die abandoned and alone. Tragic stories of beautiful people, who were good citizens, lived good lives in the commonwealth and served their county with valor, were condemned to a lonely and isolated death cut off from their families and loved ones.

    Instead of being met with condemnation and investigation for her decision-making, Secretary Levine was rewarded with a promotion and a Presidential appointment to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

  2. mike___drop

    Pattern seems to be the Democrat party has turned into a bunch of communists. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. aaron3756

    Add Washington to that now. Because Washington state is starting to see some scrutiny

  4. leftyginger

    Hopefully the first one falls soon and the rest will start to come down line dominoes!

  5. jaffrey29ds

    Science is not required in this instance. Logic is obvious; you don’t send sick people to live with the vulnerable.

  6. Super grateful for everything Sen. Mastriano does for the people of my state. He’s a true fighter. And hopefully our future governor.

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