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Author: Kana2020 / Himalayan Tokyo Sakurakadan

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Jamie Metsle, a senior researcher at the American think tank Atlantic Council and an advisor to the World Health Organization, appeared on Fox News on May 24, saying, “The political influence of the Chinese Communist Party hinders the world’s investigation into Wuhan. I’m doing it. ” Last year, Metsle was labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” by scientists and mainstream media about the “origin” of the new corona. But “finally, I’m glad that there’s room for essential discussions and it’s starting,” he said in the show.

In addition, US President Joe Biden said on the 26th of last month that the leak theory from the institute was “undeniable” and issued a statement instructing intelligence agencies to conduct an additional investigation within 90 days. The international journal “QRB Discovery” will soon publish a paper by British and Norwegian researchers claiming that “the Chinese virus was created in the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs in China.” These are likely to be the main themes at the G8 Summit in Cornwall, England, which will be held from the 11th.

The Wall Street Journal (electronic version) reported on the 7th that the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory had prepared a report in May last year that the leak theory from the Wuhan Institute was “valid.” The report was classified by the Lawrence Livermore Institute’s Information Department, Bureau Z, according to people familiar with the newspaper. It is said that the report was prepared based on the genome analysis of the “SARS-COV-2” virus that causes the Chukyo virus infection.

And the wildlife conservation research unit “Wild Crew” of the Faculty of Animal Science, University of Oxford, UK, published a research paper in the scientific journal “Nature” on the 8th. Since then, he pointed out that bats and pangolins were not sold. It overturned the conclusions of the WHO research report. Professor David McDonald, head of the Wild Crew, worked with China West Normal University and Hubei University of Chinese Medicine from May 2017 to November 2019 in Wuhan before the outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus began. We visited all seafood markets in the city and collected data. As many as 47,381 pets and food animals were recorded, including 31 protected species, but no bats or pangolins. “

On June 4, Dr. Giuliani, General Flynn, and Mr. Raheem attended the celebration of the first anniversary of the establishment of the New Federal State of China, so that many people can understand the blessing to the New Federal State and the truth of the Chinese Communist virus. He said he would continue to work hard. The fact that the Chinese virus is a biological weapon will soon be revealed.


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