Yeah, they deleted my main account again 😂


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  1. lindsaypinsy_


  2. legacymediacake

    The post above this in my feed says “Instagram User” 😂🤣

  3. samsvisualsllc

    It’s comes from “CHI-NUH” 😂

  4. c_heaven18

    A coincidence then that in 2017, Fauci announced that the Trump administration would see a “surprise outbreak” and in October 2019, “Event 201” took place, replete with the “bat to human” virus. Something doesn’t add up here.

  5. lilyblu001

    Oh the wu flu gang gotcha again😂

  6. johnp_305

    Big Ron said you can get $100k or something like that

  7. andrewh1077

    “Scientific Animation” thats what we’re calling propaganda now?


    I live in Florida. I am suing 100%

  9. c_a_gustaf.resurrected

    They completely nuked mine three days ago for comparing Lori Lightfoot to an alien. How do you get it back I’ve been trying for days🤯

  10. 4ever.learning

    Again! It was there this morning. They’re hoping to wear you down. Stay strong! You are appreciated!

  11. snavdog1

    “Suddenly” aka they just started reporting it

  12. fonzworthbernstein

    I still don’t believe there even is a virus.

  13. caretodream5

    Someone should check on Kessler…see if he needs some sauce with those words he’s eating right now

  14. brain_fuel_26

    But the scientific animation said it’s impossible!!!!!!!

  15. diannelovesjesus

    Please do!!! I was devastated whenever I couldn’t find you!

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Yeah, they deleted my main account again