You ever catch yourself reminiscing over the facts? I do! #ItsTimeToThinkMajor


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  1. pepelapuente59

    How can any God fearing person agree with sb145. Makes me sick. Been in Cali my whole 57 years can not believe they think so little of or children. Every California parent should be????

  2. julie.ann.o

    Loved your live tonight and LOVE how you truly connect and interact with people. We don’t need a career politician, we need #MajorChange!

  3. chantel_0501

    I have a question? Ok I know your running for mayor in 2022 thoe! But I was wondering if any possible way you can get elected this year?

  4. tayloradye

    Thank you Major for doing the LIVE last night and answering our questions ♥️

  5. ty.shepherd

    Aye man check your dms! ???????? I lowkey blew them up and it was kinda awkward ????

  6. rondilinagbisit

    I accidentally hit the stupid ???? thing on your story. Just so you know….totally disagree with the bill just passed!!

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