You guys might want to think twice about voting for Elder.

Medical freedom is quite literally the most pressing issue we face as Californians and there is a growing consensus among conservative voters that Larry Elder will protect your freedom – I could not just sit idle after hearing this.

Here you go. Without hesitation. Without a pastor or political strategist giving him talking points. Here is Larry being raw, uncensored and unscripted Larry on the topic of preserving and protecting your medical freedom.

Simply put – he won’t.

If you are fighting to protect your right to choose what’s best for you and your family, Larry Elder CANNOT be your choice for governor.

As I stated repeatedly, I would revoke the state of emergency and strip away any power local government has to impose unnecessary mask and vaccine mandates.

It’s about choice, not mandates – at any level of government.

Popularity doesn’t equate to what’s best for California. Vote your values.

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  1. thebirdnest_

    How many red flags can this dude have? Sadly many CA will vote this and we will be screaming “i told you so” by December

  2. jessie_finny

    Fuckkkkk. The political game is just trash no matter where you look 😢 so hard to trust any of them

  3. commandacoop44

    Yeah staying steadfast on this one. Also didn’t like when he said he thinks the election was won fair and square.

  4. micknmoe

    I saw a video of him saying that byeden won fair and square. Made me sick to my stomach. Wake up to these shills! He’s not the good guy he makes out to be!

  5. mattophotofosho

    Faux news swamp creature. Im voting for either Art Fartson or Seymour Butts.

  6. 2heal2020

    Kevin kiley is all about giving us our rights back to us

  7. vlakebargas

    I’m leaning towards @stevelodge_oc

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