You hate to see it 💅🏼


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  1. john_fiorella

    I see Biden is wrapping them in tinfoil to keep them fresh

  2. 0h_0k__

    Human Trafficking is all the dems care about

  3. mminicat659

    Turn them around and give them a shove back over the border and there would be no problem. Send them back to wherever they’re from, they don’t belong here wasting perfectly good aluminum foil.

  4. justthesnackstalkin

    The false flag in Colorado is probably to take attention off of this.

  5. sendit365

    Can we get those 3000 Ford motor company jobs back that where shipped from Ohio to Mexico? Fair trade.

  6. svobomom

    Like baked potatoes at a Sizzler Steakhouse. Where’s the outrage democrats?

  7. lifhapnz1

    Why are all of them laying down without a single head peeping out or even 1walking around within the rooms?🤢🤢🤢

  8. brakeczech

    South America doesnt seem so bad now, does it..

  9. 7777777_rocky

    Orange man bad…..send mean tweets…….These people are stupid!


    Why aren’t any bodies moving

  11. itake_napzzz

    Oh man 😂🤣 look like little Chipotle steak burritos.

  12. mr.3rdeyehimself

    @joebiden who built the cages joe!? *DJT voice

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