Liberal (now communist) Democrats will say anything and get away with it in the press. The COVID crisis is a great example.

President Trump inherited the China coronavirus. He set up a team that included Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two doctors Big Media loved. These doctors recommended shutting down the economy for a couple of weeks and it’s still going on.

But even with recruiting doctors the media loved, President Trump never did enough. He brought in boats to major cities to help address expected increases in patients with the virus. He began building vaccines and brought the manufacturing of masks and ventilators and drugs to the United States. But it was never enough.

Soon enough Big Media and Democrats started blaming President Trump for every death recorded from the disease. They even used this as a prop at Biden’s inauguration which nobody saw:

We’ve reported on how the COVID deaths are way overstated by as much as 94% and were attacked for saying this. We noted that only 6% of COVID deaths per the CDC died from COVID alone – 6% went viral on social media after this report:

But despite sound reasoning and support from the CDC the Democrats blamed every death related to COVID (not caused by COVID) on President Trump. So we thought we could point out the same for Biden using the same liberal logic and based on this, Biden is responsible himself for the deaths of over 85,000 Americans:

Either they lied and way overstated the number of COVID deaths or Biden is responsible for over 85,000 COVID deaths, which is it Dems?

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